Professional Services

CREST is a leading national provider in Professional Services

CREST offers innovative technology to accelerate learning in the classroom and raise achievement in the workplace. CREST helps maximize the return on investment in your technology.

CREST takes pride in fulfilling the following Professional Services:


From the early stages of your project, CREST will work hand in hand with your staff to create and deploy images, configure devices, and plan for the future. This partnership leverages the full knowledge of CREST and your staff to create the best possible deployment for your environment.


CREST engineers have years of experience and certifications, as well as up-to-date professional services training. When CREST arrives on site to oversee your deployment, you can be sure you will receive the highest levels of expertise and customer servicers.

Coaching and Mentoring:

CREST offers coaching and mentoring services to ensure your staff will effectively leverage your new technology, using it to its full potential.


A well-groomed environment leads to more efficient utilization of your investment in technology. As always, CREST is available to provide new and existing faculty with professional development for continuing IT skills development.